PEDRO ROSA - 20.08.21


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Saxophobia Funk Project was born at the end of 2011 as a result of the evolution of Saxophobia Quartet, a classical saxophone quartet that resulted in what it is today: a band that bets on a repertoire that combines influences from funk, jazz and pop with a staging that attracts the audience for its energy. Thus, the group consists of two of the saxophonists of the initial quartet: Cristian Sorribas (soprano saxophone) and Alberto Moreno (tenor saxophone); Faust Morell (electric guitar), Joel Ródenas (bass) and Miquel Marquet (drums).

Having made several national tours and debuted internationally with a tour that took them to Japan, they are currently immersed in the recording of their first album, which will continue to explore new forms of creation following the essence of what they have been developing during these years with their EP On Air. Recently, they have been immersed in the recording and production of their album Take off, of which they are beginning their promotion.

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