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We use grapes from our yield-reduced vineyards in our wine which is made using an artisanal process. A strict sorting process at the winery allows only perfectly healthy and ripe grapes to pass into the wine tanks. We use cold maceration, temperature-controlled fermentation and lengthy contact with the grape skin to make intense wines with good ageing potential. All wine is aged in barrel, using only a small proportion of new oak.

We have a natural approach to winemaking and do not use fining products or enzymes, and only very limited filtration. We make intense and pure wines in which the smell and taste of our vineyards’ fruit comes through, unmasked by oak. The wine has solid structure and perfect balance, and should age to perfection over time.

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We believe that wine is something special, which is why we like to keep close each part of the process of making our wines.

Wines of different French varieties grown, macerated and bottled in Sencelles (Mallorca)

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