The first plants were trained as espaliers, on a 2.4m x 1.25m frame. The height of this frame was planned to maximise leaf area. The soil is a hard red clay which retains rainwater and where a good root system will develop. In some parts there are some spectacular ‘Bolls’ or boulders, some as big as melons, which in summer help to maintain a steady temperature and retain humidity. The climate of this area is ideal for growing vines. With the new plantings we are using a lower frame of 2.4m x 1m to compensate for the reduction in the number of grapes per plant, with the aim of producing more concentrated fruit. All the vineyards are irrigated but this is mainly during the first stages of growth. And as for the traditional enemies of vine-growing, we meet them with equally traditional methods: flowers of sulphur, copper and Bordeaux mixture. Prevention is better than cure..