SON PRIM winery is located on the Pla de Mallorca, the central part of the island, in a region historically known for vine growing and wine making by families who have inhabited their villages.

Sencelles, in this case, is the municipality in which we find a winery renovated in 2014, which makes available to the SON PRIM team the most current facilities to produce wines of the highest quality.

The charm of the winery is enhanced by the vineyards that surround it completely, which attracts more visitors every year who seek to know the work behind wine making as well as the lifestyle of Mallorcan people.

Visiting SON PRIM allows the most curious to learn about viticulture, enology, the customs of Mallorcan people and their culinary culture. SON PRIM offers a unique space to share with friends a personalized experience with two main objectives: to learn and have fun.

Enjoy visiting our winery