Free shipping from 6 bottles (Spain) and 12 bottles (Europe)
Free shipping from 6 bottles (Spain) and 12 bottles (Europe)
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Gastronomic experience at the winery



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Gastronomic experience at the winery

The complete SON PRIM experience, which includes a wine tasting with mallorcan snacks and a full menu.

Starters, to choose from:

  • Homemade stew croquettes (min. 2 people).
  • Mallorcan “coca de xeixa” with “trampó“, garlic and parsley (min. 2 persons)

Main courses, to choose from:

  • Roast suckling pig with potatoes and vegetables roasted with garlic, lemon peel and olive oil.
  • Mallorcan style cod with sultanas and pine nuts.
  • Roast arm of Mallorcan lamb with rosemary, potatoes and roasted vegetables. (min. 2 persons).
  • (vegeterian) Tumbet” (potato, aubergine, courgette, paprika and tomato sauce)

Dessert, to choose from:

  • Carrot cake. (min. 2 persons)
  • Banoffee cake. (min. 2 persons)
  • Creamy dark chocolate cake. (min. 2 persons)

* The menu includes a bottle of wine for every two people, water, bread and coffee.

* In addition to the wines included, a wine list from SON PRIM will be offered.


Contact us for more details and bookings: or +34 658 52 45 73

Payment in advance and confirmation of number of people 3 days before is required


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