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Our History

In the early nineties, Jaime Llabrés planted a small plot with a “tutifruti” of vines, including chardonnay, syrah, cabernet and merlot, with the aim of studying their adaptation to the climate and soil of Mallorca.

To produce the first results of the different grape varieties, we used small stainless steel tanks equipped with a cooling system, which we placed under a huge carob tree. Curiously, the results were very satisfactory. The ageing was done in barrels placed in the cool cellar of a garage in Palma.

From this adventure we obtained some barrels with very good quality wines and also some vinegars that were very suitable for salad dressings.

In the mid 90’s the whole family got involved in planting new vineyards, including the young Jaime J. Llabrés, who at the age of five began to discover the world of wine and grew at the same time as the vineyard and the winery. Today, he looks after customer relations and oversees the general running of the winery and vineyards.

The celler Son Prim, in the village of Sencelles, had been in disuse for some years. With its two living stone “cup” and its large oak barrels, it was difficult to bring it up to date. Therefore, it was decided to build a new cellar with state-of-the-art machinery for wine production.

In the middle of the countryside and next to the new vineyards, in 2003 we started the works and finished them just in time to bring in the first harvest in 2004.

We already had a comfortable space for fermentation and an underground space for ageing, the result was some magnificent varietal wines. A new winery and a new bottle of wine were born.

Among other things, a very low yield of grapes per vine was required, which obliged us to increase the vineyard surface so that we could obtain 3,500 bottles per hectare and maintain the current production.

The wines began to travel to be enjoyed and appreciated in different countries.


Thank you for being part of the Son Prim family

We believe that wine is something special, which is why we like to keep close each part of the process of making our wines.

Wines of different French varieties grown, macerated and bottled in Sencelles (Mallorca)

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